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Your fees are quite fair and reasonable. I am glad that you break the costs down to each thing.  As on your invoices, you show cost for supplies, your time, etc… The best thing of all is your amazing work ethic.  You strive to complete each project, and you are committed to solving each problem that you are presented with.  Your follow-up calls, emails, and visits attest to this committment. I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone in need of help.


03 - 12 - 2008

I was very satisfied with the jobs done, solutions for everything. I recommend to everyone, and a big advantage that you can communicate easily in English.

Katharine Landfield-BEBEK

23 - 10 - 2008

It is great working with him - he always finds a creative solution to any problem in our apartment.  Also, he has a great attitude and is interesting, too!  I would always recommend him to people looking for a good handyman.

I hired him to enclose part of my balcony with wire mesh so that my cats could play on it safely.  (I live on the fifth floor, and surprisingly, falling from balconies is a very severe risk for urban cats.)

Devamını Oku →

His service is prompt, reliable, and very competent.  He is  a person with good work ethic, and I would always recommend him to anybody in need of such services that he provide.