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02 - 04 - 2009

Hunerliadam( handyman in istanbul ) calculates the price with a form that includes material cost , material profit, base labour cost, service fee and road fee . Therefore customer knows each item costs what.

Material: Material cost is the retail price of the product. Hunerliadam offers a return  if  a lower price for the same product can be proven . The customer may supply material.

Material Profit: This  entry is 10% of material cost and stands for the service of finding the right material, bringing it to the place and using it.

Base Labour  cost: This is the hourly salary of hunerliadam which includes occupying  him or hiring him for cleaning purposes. The value is changing with the experience.

freshman handyman: 8 TL-12 TL ;

sophmore handyman: 10 TL-15 TL,

junior handyman: 15 TL-20TL dir.

Service Fee: This value is a correction factor for the job to be done, decided by degree of professionalizm and heaviness of the job

Service type I

light (TL)


medium (TL)


heavy (TL)

type A any one with/without the tool can do it 1 2 4
type B some exprience or professionalizm reqıired 2 4 6
type C experienced tech required 4 6 10
type D experienced engineer required 6 10 -

Some examples;

IKEA asseblies, light bulb change, cable tides, small repairs, errands to be done for customer, hanging pictures, uninstalations, assemblies


in the group of A1 but takes longer than 1 hour


in the group of A1 but takes longer than 2 hour or needs heavy body work


changing faucets, repair leaking sink, electrical repairs, cable chanelling or piping (multiplied by number of fitting), enhanced IKEA asseblies: modification or special instalations


each layer of painting the wall, in the group of B1 but takes longer than 1


each layer of ceiling painting, double skill needed jobs like electrical water heater installation, in the group of B1 but takes longer than 2, and heavy body work needed.


computer problem solving, solving undefined electrical or plumbing problems, LPG- NG interchanging of cooker


each layer of grouting and plastering of a wall


each layer of grouting and plastering of a ceiling


jobs where professional calculation or drawing is needed.


Road Fee: Road fee is to be calculated from Kadikoy-ISTANBUL-TURKEY via the cheapest public transportation method available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The currency unit may be converted in to the local currency accordingly.

TOTAL: It is the sum of these five item charges.