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14 - 04 - 2009


ekogun.jpg In ECODAY’s hunerliadam is FREE of CHARGE !

  • SATURDAYS No labour cost, No material cost, No road fee. SO NO money only for the world.

With some rules ofcourse;

  • First rule the material to be used should be either recycled or 2nd hand.
  • Ecoday caller  should also be working in the same hours either with hunerliadam  or doing somethng else in the house.
  • Hunerliadam consume only permacultural* things at the day. Therefore caller should take of this rule otherwise hunerliadam can find something else to do at that day.
* the one which is not harmfull with any aspect to ecology in any part of its lifespan of production to consumption.

*permaculture - Design system and philosophy that uses land in a way that integrates human dwellings and activities with local natural ecologies. …